Tractor Trolley Axle

What is Tractor Trolley Axle ?
The trolley axle is a central shaft for rotating wheels. The wheels are fixed to the axle, with bearings or bushings provided at the mounting.
Most of the tractor trolley axle used today is rectangular cross section type which in turn leads to increase in the weight of tractor trolley and axle.
Tractor Trolley Axle offered by us finds application in agricultural industry for connecting material carrying trolley with utmost safety. It comprises pre-drilled holes for fastening with help of appropriate bolts. This axle has excellent structural strength with superior dimensional stability and ability to carry great amount of weight. It is known to have die-cast structure thus ensure utmost dimensional & structural precision.
What are the Features?
It has corrosion resistant paint coating on the surface.
This trolley axle is quick & hassle-free to connect.
It shows high impact strength and weather resistance
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