Metallic Expansion Bellows

What is Metallic Expansion Bellows?

Metal expansion joints (also called compensators) are compensating elements for thermal expansion and relative movement in pipelines, containers and machines. They consist of one or more metal bellows, connectors at both ends, and tie rods that depend on the application.

What are the different types of bellows?

There are three main types of metal bellows: formed, welded and electroformed. Formed bellows are produced by reworking tubes, normally produced by deep drawing, with a variety of processes, including cold forming (rolling), and hydroforming. They are also called convoluted bellows or sylphons.

What is the purpose of expansion bellows?

Expansion joints (bellows) Expansion joints are installed in a piping system to absorb vibration and shock. They also have advantages such as reducing the noise and compensate caused by misalignment.

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